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Things to know about our swing sets

"Residential Swing Sets" are intended for private residences only. "Commercial Playgrounds" refer to play sets designed for use in non-residential spaces such as childcare facilities, home day cares, with 6 or more children, home owners associations, religious institutions or any other public setting.

Classic Pine™ swing sets are intended for children 2 to 12 and are backed by a 15 year limited warranty. Playtime™ swing sets are meant for children 2 to 8 and come with a 10 year limited warranty.

Classic Pine™ and Playtime™ swing sets are made of Southern Yellow Pine and treated with ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary). ACQ contains no arsenic or chromium and is completely safe for children.

During our pressure treatment process, we use thin sticks to separate the lumber. This ensures the treatment covers the wood evenly and allows for better air flow when it dries. These lighter colored bands (stick marks) are noticeable at first but will gradually fade in sunlight.

A maximum of 200 lbs. per child is recommended for play activities designed for individual use and 120 lbs. per child for multiple use activities (such as a Back-to-Back Glider). Please remember that your swing set has been engineered for children.

Yes. We recommend routine maintenance at the beginning of each play season or as often as deemed necessary from inspection. Major maintenance (primarily a thorough inspection and re-sealing) should be performed at twelve-month intervals from the date of installation.

An initial inspection should take place one week after installation and twice a month thereafter for the remaining life of your play set.

As wood is a natural material, each piece has its own characteristics and reacts differently to climate changes. When any wood product is exposed to the elements, it develops "wood checks". A check is the radial separation of the wood fibers running with the grain of the wood. These are caused by the varying temperature and moisture conditions. A check is not a crack - it does not affect the strength or durability of the part and is not covered under warranty.

Before your swing set is installed

Yes. The installation will go more quickly and efficiently if you've already decided where the swing set is going to be placed.

No. Problems arise when moving a Swing Set after it has been (even partially) put together. To avoid stress to the wood beams or any damage to the ground, it is important to have the installation site determined prior to the date of installation.

Yes. To ensure a safe and stable installation there should be no more than a 6in. grade from left to right and front to back. Please note: our installers are not equipped to perform landscaping services.

Yes. Our installers will not be able to remove things like branches, timbers, small trees, bushes, rocks or old playsets. Such obstructions will result in the delay of installation at the customers expense.

Yes. To prevent improper placement of swing set, the customer should be present during installation.

No. Plan at least seven days ahead of any major event (such as a birthday party) to accommodate any delays that may occur.

Unfortunately, weather conditions, traffic and other circumstances can affect the original date or time of any delivery, installation or service. All appointments are subject to change.

Yes. Installation requires the use of power tools. Access to an outlet is essential to completing the installation.

To prevent damage to your sprinkler system, we need to know where any underground pipes have been installed.

No. Due to the weight of the product, we cannot guarantee that immediate or future damage will not occur.

No. A fall on a hard surface can result in serious injury. Swing Sets must be installed on surfaces such as grass or mulch.

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